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Cerakote FAQs

What is Cerakote?

While a proper bluing is nice, it simply doesn’t compare to the benefits that come with Cerakote. Cerakote is a unique formulation, a sort of mixture of polymer and ceramic qualities, that will out-perform most any other surface treatment on your firearm, or anything else you need coated.

Texas Governor Bans Sanctuary Cities: Putting an End to Criminal Harboring

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The immediate response by the ACLU? We’re going to hold some protests and claim that this bill opens the door to racial profiling, even thought the text of the bill specifically states:

“the entity or department may not consider race, color, religion, language, or national origin while enforcing immigration laws.”

There’s a cute little play on words there. If you don’t “consider national origin,” how would you know where to deport an illegal immigrant detainee? But I digress.

The news on this front? There is no news. This is a bill that’s basically designed to tack on a penalty for local government agencies that don’t want to comply with a federal law that already exists. How the ACLU gets racism out of that? Who knows? They could turn banana pudding into a racial argument.

It’s important to remember that a lot of these kinds of arguments tend to flare up on both sides of the house. I honestly wonder many times if protesters claiming something to be unconstitutional have ever actually read the constitution. After all, these are the same people saying, “You don’t need a gun, just call a cop,” and then turn right around and claim that law enforcement shouldn’t be allowed to do it’s job? That would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad.

Texas is the first state to pass this kind of law, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more started popping up all over the country. President Trump signed an executive order to crack down on sanctuary cities, and the simple fact is that the law serves one purpose: upholding the federal code, and allowing federal agents to do their job.

Texas is going to make sure that they are in compliance, and their border is definitely one that is assaulted by nefarious groups. Sure, some innocent people are trying to slip away from corruption in northern Mexico, but we can’t let drug lords and terrorists in with them. There has to be some kind of process in place to prevent the people who want to attack our country from getting in.

Results From Defense Department Testing of M-LOK and KeyMod Platforms

As you may have recently heard, M-LOK finally sealed the deal on the long argument of which modular accessory rail system was better.The official report points out that both systems performed adequately for modular mounting of multiple accessories under all test conditions. In other words, they both work. Both systems were tested from three manufacturers: Aero Precision, Midwest Industries, and Seekins. That’s six handguards, installed on [...]

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A Brief History of the M-LOK vs. KeyMod Debate for AR Accessories

Magpul industries released a modular system in 2009 called MOE, but they were noodling with the concept in 2007. The idea was to get rid of the sharp picatinny rails for applications where hand-guards would be used to mount multiple accessories at varying angles. The standard quad rails aren’t comfortable to hold, but they work. Magpul wanted to make them [...]

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Different Cerakote Series for Different Applications

When it comes to Cerakote, people are often misled by buzz on the Internet, or discussions in various forums, from the gun range, to the local performance exhaust shop, to online chatter. Many people have heard of Cerakote and talk about it, but often when doing comparisons, and through discussion, they refer to it as if it’s a single [...]

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Syria is the Deadliest Country in the World – Guess Which Country is Second

Everyone’s heard about the Civil War in Syria, tragic as it is. Over 50,000 lives were lost last year, mostly as a result of all the fighting. The media won’t shut up about it, even if CNN recently reported that the “media agenda” isn’t reporting on another matter much closer to home, that’s nearly as deadly, and knocking on [...]

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US Military Looking For a Better Rifle to Arm the Troops

The M16/M4 platform has been around for a long time, and the round itself works well enough when you consider the widespread usage of the round, but it’s history is riddled with jokes and stories that make it seem less like a weapon of war, and more like a Mattel toy that happens to fire bullets.Compared to the 30 [...]

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The Mysterious History of Blue Steel – An Ancient Art

When it comes to firearms, the art of bluing steel has been a part of the process since the very beginning. Gunpowder originated in China, but Google the history of bluing, and you will find virtually nothing.Why?Because steel treatments have been around longer than firearms. Since the first irons were smelted in different locations around the world, the need [...]

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Cerakote vs. KG GunKote – The Biggest Competitors in Firearm Coatings

This is actually a pretty tough call. Both of these coatings are wonderful in the areas of being thin, wear-resistant, heat tolerant, and holding up to a wide variety of chemical cleaners.The immediate difference between the two is going to be in color offerings. KG originally developed their GunKote product line to conform with the requirements of the Naval [...]

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Cerakote vs. DuraCoat – Weighing Your Options For the Best Firearm Finish

Measuring would probably be a better word. This isn’t so much a competition as a one-sided masochistic pounding, but I’m going to place this next sentence very carefully to avoid confusion. Cured Cerakote absolutely beats cured DuraCoat in every measurable respect with regard to finish quality, abrasion resistance, and overall toughness. There is a reason that DuraCoat still exists, and [...]

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What is Cerakote? Specs, Tolerances, and Protecting Your Firearm.

While a proper bluing is nice, it simply doesn’t compare to the benefits that come with Cerakote. Cerakote is a unique formulation, a sort of mixture of polymer and ceramic qualities, that will out-perform most any other surface treatment on your firearm, or anything else you need coated.The benefits are numerous, from increasing wear resistance, to reducing corrosion, and [...]

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