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Put a Competition Trigger On Your Barrett Model 95

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50 Cal Barrett Model 95 Competition Trigger

You dropped the big money, and got what is arguably the coolest bolt-action rifle on the planet: the Barrett 50 caliber BMG Model 95.

Whether you are trying to explode water jugs at 1000 yards, or going after the really big game on African safari, the name of the game is accuracy, and the most effective way to up your accuracy as a shooter is to remove every variable that will affect the shot.

The mechanics of your Barrett are top notch, but like any rifle, one of the weak points is the trigger. The gun is great no doubt, but how awesome would it be with a sub 2-pound trigger pull? Good luck putting a competition trigger on a 50 cal, right? Nobody does that...

We do!

In fact, our precision trigger work on your Model 95 will get you below two pounds, into competition trigger territory, and we’ve done some that measure much, much lower. It’s the one upgrade to your rifle that you will never regret investing in, and it’ll help to keep those expensive rounds on the mark.

When ammo is three dollars per cartridge and the range is long, every shot counts.

How are we able to offer this service? Because our gunsmiths are sorcerers. Well, okay, not really, but they’re damn close. We’ve invested a lot of time and hard work to formulate a trigger job that will take your Model 95 from the amazing weapon it is, and elevate it to legendary status.

First off, this custom trigger service reduces the overall travel to 1/10th of factory specs. Let that sink in for a moment.

We polish the sear to glazed butter, and pull weights can get below a pound in some cases. If the lightest possible hair trigger is what you crave, we’ve perfected the technique to get the maximum possible performance from your rifle. The sear breaks like glass spaghetti, and the assembly is tuned by the experienced hands of our expert gunsmith to ensure safe and accurate function.

We aren’t going to touch anything else on your firearm (unless you want a professional Cerakote job to dress it out). When your Barrett gets home, it’ll have the cleanest trigger possible. Whether you plan on taking big game, or punching small targets at extreme range, you’ll never have to worry about excess trigger weight drawing off of your shot.

This service, available only from STRAC, is $599, the cost of a couple boxes of 50 cal ammo. You bought a BMG for maximum performance. You should have a maximum performance trigger to match.

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