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Syria is the Deadliest Country in the World – Guess Which Country is Second

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Everyone’s heard about the Civil War in Syria, tragic as it is. Over 50,000 lives were lost last year, mostly as a result of all the fighting. The media won’t shut up about it, even if CNN recently reported that the “media agenda” isn’t reporting on another matter much closer to home, that’s nearly as deadly, and knocking on our doorstep. While a story about ISIS leaders being eliminated is definitely worthy of our attention, the media seems to be ignoring another incredibly volatile are of that world, that’s much closer to home.

I’m going to take a time-out here to report on how silly this lack of coverage is. CNN hasn’t reported on this issue, until they admitted to ignoring it with everyone else, while call out other media sources for not focusing on the issue. You ARE the media, CNN! And you’ve been ignoring it too. So saying that there’s a media agenda to ignore the problem, that means your agenda, right?

Anyway, when the story finally broke, we had to cover it. Sorry for making you wait, the country in question is Mexico. Why? Drug lords, internal civil conflict, and of course this standoff with the military and police getting caught in the middle of it all. People think of drug cartels as a mature version of drug dealers, but these aren’t punk-ass street gangs that Mexico is fighting against. These are highly evolved, motivated, and almost corporate entities. They have the money and the infrastructure to wage major wars.

Maybe you remember Bush Sr. and his “war on drugs.” We ended up drawing our own attention away from that conflict, and it’s back in full force. These cartels have gotten stronger, and as I said, they mean business. While most of the conflict casualties were from small arms, like the AK47 and AR-15/M4 style rifles, as well as pistols, I remember not long ago seeing a documentary about cartel research institutes and sub-marines. How many drug-pushers do you know that own their own diesel-sub, or have the moxie to recruit graduates from engineering schools to design new vehicles of destruction?

It’s hard to put ourselves in Mexico’s shoes, because of the way that we as Americans think about drugs and “drug-wars.” Many medicinal products are produced from opiates that are imported (in the US, most of the imports come from the Middle East and Australia). Other countries buy from other sources. Consider that for a moment. They aren’t simply pushing coke for recreation, there are whole medicinal industries built on a lot of these drugs.

The fact is that the conflict in Mexico isn’t a little deal. It’s why we need a strong border policy. Playing down the problems in Mexico is necessary for some media outlets, because a huge drug war doesn’t jive with their their audience, or their agenda to keep “racism” center stage. If you don’t know about the conflict in Mexico, that’s the reason.

Last year’s dead: Syria ~50,000, Mexico ~23,000, Iraq ~17,000, Afghanistan ~16,000, according to CNN. Why isn’t anyone talking about this? It’s right on our front doorstep. Anyway, at least now you know, and you can tell your friends. You can do your part to help spread the word, and maybe American’s will stop ignoring this huge problem with our neighbor, and in fact our whole half of the world.

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